Tips For Parenting Highly Intelligent Children

Intelligent children are gifted. They stand out in a group of kids their own age. Because of their increased intellectual capacity, you may sometimes feel like you are talking to another adult — but the fact is your intelligent child is still a child. One moment you’re having a mature conversation and the next you’re navigating a meltdown over a broken toy. Raising a naturally precocious child becomes easier when you understand more about how they think and behave.

Let’s begin by examining the best ways to handle a preschool-age child who is highly verbal:

Tips For Parenting a Highly Verbal Preschooler

You’ve had to explain the gravitational pull of the moon.

You’ve heard a recap of last year’s trip to the beach.

And, you’ve negotiated a weather-appropriate outfit.

All before you pour the breakfast cereal.

These conversations continue as you put shoes on and head to the car.

On the road, you hear a play-by-play of the street signs and traffic signals.

You discuss the pros and cons of using finger paint at the craft center today.

But after preschool, it’s a different story. Read more at Imperfect Families…

As you see, parenting verbal preschoolers can be confusing. It’s easiest when you remember that these are still children, with the same emotional fragility and lack of life experience common to all children . This will help you keep your expectations in check.

If your child tends to think (a lot) about anything and everything, it’s important to keep their mental activities from becoming overwhelming. The following post will help ensure that you don’t end up with a frustrated or compulsive child:

How To Help Your Overthinking Gifted Child

“Overthinking” is a word that must have been invented by a nongifted person.

Ask an elementary-school-aged gifted child what that term means, and you are likely to get a quizzical look: “How can you think too much?  That doesn’t make any sense.” They genuinely mean that, too; because they can spend so much time playing in/with their minds, they don’t easily understand the concept of thinking ever being a bad thing.  In all fairness, their brains are very interesting places, and there’s a lot going on in there that is worthy of their attention. Read more at The Grayson School…

Intelligent children recognize early on that they can sometimes talk their way into getting what they want. This is why your gifted youngster seems to argue with you endlessly — it occasionally works. In these instances, it’s important that you remain firm and react in a constructive manner. Here are some tips to guide you:

How to Not Argue With Your Gifted Child

Gifted children, especially the verbally gifted ones, are often compared to lawyers: they argue as if they are in court. The case they are usually arguing is their own. They argue about rules, about punishment, discipline, bedtime, dinner. Basically, they’ll argue about nearly anything they don’t like or they want to avoid. Although a gifted child can make excellent arguments, it’s important for parents to make sure they remain in charge.

No matter how bright a child is, he or she is still a child, and children, even the gifted ones, need guidance. They need rules and they need consequences when they break those rules. Gifted children should never be excused from bad behavior because they make a good case for having broken a rule. If children can talk their way out of the consequences for bad behavior, they, not their parents, end up being in control. Read more at Very Well…

Intelligent children need to be enrolled in a preschool where learning favors their highly inquisitive minds. They need a place where their potential can be unlocked and where the best in them is nurtured. One such place is Spanish for fun! in Raleigh, NC.

At Spanish for fun!, we have a Spanish immersion program in which children learn the Spanish language and culture. We also incorporate lots of fun and games in the learning process, making use of children’s ability to learn most when they are playing.

We also have a very talented team of teachers who are specially trained to handle children. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Call us today on 919-881-1695 or fill the contact form on our website to schedule a tour to our Duraleigh Campus. We can’t wait to meet you.